Redeye: #tradeshowlife

Its been a bit of time since I graced the fine pages of the Pixels site, but Red Eye is back for 2014. First is a dump of photos from tradeshow season… First up was the second M4/M5 show in Bristol, luckily I didn’t have to travel too far...
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Redeye: Dressen’s Tattoo Tour Diary

Eric’s week long tour of the tattoo studios of Britain was accompanied by sneaky photographer Jerome Loughran who caught all the skating, tattooing and motorcycles.
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Redeye: Dressen in the UK part 2

Top of the morning to ya! Here’s a few more snaps from the Dressen tattoo tour… Shiner boys. He’ll sign anything! Vids, books, boards, boobies…. …even arms! Broad Street Studio. Trawler! A lot of skate tats got inked that week! Exhibit A. Beanhead, Exhibit B. Refuelling. Gotta keep the...
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Redeye: BBQ at Shiner

Shiner got a bunch of it’s team riders together for a barbecue the other day, they’re a handsome bunch… “Have you tried ketchup before? It’s simply delicious!” “Baby RUTH!” Busted! Cheer up mate- free beer! The lights are on but nobody’s home. “I simply can’t play without my videos...
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Redeye: Dressen in the UK part 1

IMG_2874 x
Eric Dressen visited the UK for a week or so on a tattoo shop tour… Straight off the plane and on the coffee. This guy drinks black coffee by the boat-load! Eric obviously brought a a bit of the ‘States with him. Our tour ride? Tidy! First stop on...
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IMG_0474 x
The Carve Wicked boys are doing up their DIY spot. Nice sun shelter! Video at the bottom is it? Nice to see the lasses getting stuck in! Wheeeeee!
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Redeye: Kettering dirty weekend

“Don’t you just love a dirty weekend?” Pixels have given me a platform to post my nonsense – so be warned! First up is Kettering’s opening of their new 1-Skateparks-built park. Let the iPhone footage rip! Cheers, Jerome! (all video flimed through the Alien Workshop IPro lens) Pro athlete...
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